An Innovative Jbead Grille* for Seamless Installations

Innovative Jbead Grille* for Seamless Installations

New Hyde Park, NY – Local manufacturing company, AAG Advanced Architectural Grilleworks, in conjunction with Artistry in Architectural Grilles & Metal, announced today the addition of an exclusive Jbead frame / grille* that will reduce installation speed and improve accuracy while providing a strong and seamless finished result.

“Industry standards were not satisfying our customers’ requirements so we undertook extensive testing and development with some of our key HVAC clients. The resulting solution is a Jbead frame with numerous features so unique, the design is protected with a patent pending filing”, reports Dan Roeper CEO.

The frame is fully welded into a solid, one piece unit. There are no unsightly rivets or surface welds as is the current industry standard. The flange provides numerous recessed capture areas for plaster or “mud” and there is a step enabling the finishers to smoothly and cleanly apply an initial coat and a final skim coat. Additionally, there are numerous pre-punched holes designed to accept standard wall board screws with spacing to accommodate any wall condition.

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